I am only human….and that’s ok!

My first thought is one of embarrassment when I look back at the date of my last blog! But when I reflect on the why it eases the shame! Life has just been busy and that has felt great!!

Last year I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to work on a Government scheme helping unemployed people back to work. My role was initially to work in a coaching capacity doing all the things I do with my own private clients – help build confidence and self esteem, help someone find what their ideal career could be, pinpoint what motivates them and identify their values, to ensure any decision they have to make is the right one for them.

The direction then took a fork in the road – and unexpected one, but equally as rewarding. Using all my transferrable skills from previous roles, I started working in a training capacity. For me the irony was, that when I reflected back on roles within the Bank I had really enjoyed, training was way up there. I just had totally forgotten that.

Now I have the best of both worlds….I coach and train in equal amounts and am getting to use the skills I love on a daily basis.

So will I try and get better and blog more often….definitely!

But am I going to beat myself up because I haven’t been as organised as I like to be – No – Because I am only human ….and that’s ok!!