choice-imageThis is what my clients have said:


I found the entire experience from start to finish to be very professional and comfortable. Paula’s ability to understand my needs and channel my thought process was incredibly insightful. Not only did the process help me deal with a particular cross roads in my career but it also gave me the tools to assist my business and life decisions from this point on.

Aaron, Dublin


At the outset Paula made me feel that we could discuss any issue relating to my lifestyle and that in doing so I was able to address a lot of issues. Her ability to listen and offer suggestions gave me the confidence to accept and deal with lifestyle problems

Tom, Co. Dublin


Did you ever feel like you were caught in the giant hamster wheel of life expending energy like mad and getting nowhere fast? I certainly know first hand how that feels. But then I met Paula and all that changed. Paula helped me to really examine my life through a whole new set of eyes and from an unbiased knowledgeable perspective. She worked with me to restructure the way that I approach life, work and problems. Paula helped me to overcome my fears and stumbling blocks so that I am now equipped to achieve my goals – personal and professional. Life coaching with Paula was a challenging but very enjoyable process. We never dwelt on the past but looked to the future. At the end of the process I was able to clearly identify my goals and develop the tools and resources that are needed to achieve them. Paula has helped me to rediscover the mental tools that I need to reach my destination on my own.

P Carberry, Dublin


Meeting Paula was my first experience with a life coach. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind for change, but felt that I was in a place where I wanted to evolve. After chatting with her, she suggested some simple tools to help me figure out where I stood on a spectrum of important areas. From there, we created a plan for making simple tweaks to break patterns and develop more constructive behavior. Most of the changes were incremental, but in evaluating and changing seemingly small things, I saw a need for larger shifts and learned that I was capable of making them. As a guide, Paula is amazing. She’s lovely, motivating and supportive

Becky, San Francisco


I found my sessions with Paula to be very worthwhile and helpful. I noticed such a difference in how I approach life over the course of our sessions. Initially I was very negative about a lot of things and wasn’t sure how to change it. Paula’s friendly, understanding and non-judgemental approach made it very easy to open up and get to the core of the problem. My ‘homework’ was daunting at first but once I felt the results, it made all the difference to my outlook. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone. She has helped me to make changes for the better!

Brid, Dublin


A very big thank you for all your expertise over the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed our sessions and have been raving about the benefits of Life Coaching. I’ll have lots of referrals!

Louise, Dublin


I really enjoyed and benefited from my coaching sessions with Paula. She is so open, sincere and genuinely interested in me as a person that it made our sessions very easy – the time flew by! I have always been somewhat skeptical about the value of coaching but not anymore. I gained some real insights into values, my decision-making and myself. The sessions helped me to decide what I want to do differently in the future to get better results for me. If you are facing any challenging work or personal decisions or are at a crossroads then Paula can definitely help steer you to make the right decisions for yourself and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her

Kay, Dublin


Paula really assisted me in opening my mind and helped me to understand and establish my priorities and values at a crossroads in my life. Paula is extremely patient and understanding but challenged me sufficiently to allow me to dig deep within myself to find out what was right for ME at this time. This now allows me great peace of mind and confidence in my own thought process and decision making abilities.


Alison, HR Business Partner, Financial Services, Age 40

One of the best business decisions I have made in recent years was engaging Paula. Since our first meeting Paula has provided a great perspective on business and life. Sometimes it seems you can be too close to something to really see the options that are open to you. Paula’s gentle manner and vast experience always means that I leave each session in a very positive frame of mind with a purposeful ‘to do’ list. Paula gently pushed me to take action outside my comfort zone and those actions have provided benefits professionally and personally. I’m aware of a book by the renowned life coach Tony Robbins, called ‘Awake the giant within’, while I haven’t read it  strikes me that the title if very appropriate for what a coach can do for you. Paula’s creative encouragement will guide you on your transitional path to fulfilling your potential.


John. Business owner, Dublin








I hope you remember me.  We met a few times last year when I was in need of some career/life coaching. I want to thank you so much for your help because my sessions with you made me think about what I wanted to do and to take action.  I wanted to let you know that I am leaving where I have worked for 14 years.Thank you again for helping me to put some structure and focus into my thinking about what I want to do with my life.  I really appreciate it.  I have been recommending you to people who ask me about how I came to my recent life decisions.


Professional Lady