Are you thinking about changing careers?

I was recently asked to write a blog for Irish Jobs around changing jobs and that big question – will I / won’t I?

Changing career can be a huge decision, particularly if you intend to leave something that pays well and you are the major breadwinner at home. Without doubt, in this current economic climate, financial considerations must be taken into account but they shouldn’t necessarily be the only factor when you are considering making a move.

I noted with interest, while watching the current UK Master Chef series, the number of Chef judges returning who had make fundamental changes to their careers. In particular, I was intrigued to see the number of now successful chefs who worked previously in some form of medicine – from doctors to nurses. How lovely to have found something that really gives them a reason to jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. What was even more interesting, was the number who commented on working longer hours and being paid less as a Chef but all that was overridden by the fact that they were doing a job they loved. Food for thought for anyone reading this considering a career in a new direction……

I have attached the link to the Irish Jobs blog – have a read and I hope the article helps any readers in this space at the moment. In it I ask certain questions that you should ask yourself before doing anything major and also give some valuable pointers to consider which may help ease your stress along the way.