Career Coaching

“The only way to do great work to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle” – Steve Jobs

I love this quote and for me the most important word in that whole sentence is YET. To many people settle for a job knowing they are capable of so much more. And yet they just slog along day after day forgetting they have a choice. The good news is you have a CHOICE. I am not suggesting you dump your current job on a whim and see what happens. What I am saying is, that it is possible to start again and find your unique talent and do something that you love. Yes you might have to make plans and even sacrifices along the way, but once you find what really gives you purpose and meaning in your professional life, it will be so worth it!!

So how can coaching help you?

Career Direction:

Ask yourself….

Am I doing the job I believe I was put on this earth to do?
If I had to start over what would I doing?
What is stopping me right now from taking that giant leap of faith?
I love my job but why do I feel I cannot cope with everything I have to juggle?

These are a sample of the questions I would ask my clients when they come to me for coaching. Last year, over 35% of the clients I saw came to me for career coaching. If you are considering a career change, the hard questions need to be answered. The coaching environment is a safe and non-judgmental place for you to do that. The great news is, that once you get really clear, everything else becomes so much easier.

CV Coaching:

During my time in the Bank, I reviewed 100’s of cv’s. It is true when recruiters tell you that on average every CV gets about a 35 second scan. Your CV is the ‘hook’ to you getting an interview. You will only get one chance to impress so it has be great. And yet, over the years I saw countless CV’s with spelling mistakes, bad grammar, unexplained gaps, and poor presentation. Your CV is the first part of your ‘brand’ that your potential employer will see. If you haven’t put in the ground work, you are not only wasting their time but more importantly your own.

Ask yourself how many interviews have you secured versus the number of CV’s you have sent? Chances are if you are not getting as many interviews as you had hoped, the problem is with your CV.

I help clients ensure their CV is telling the story an employer wants to see. Call me if you would like to learn more.

Interview Preparation Coaching:

You should be delighted you got an interview but you are a nervous wreck. Maybe it’s been ages since you were called for an interview or maybe the last few have been unsuccessful. Either way you are not feeling confident. The good news is that when you are called for interview it’s your job to loose. They want to give you the job. The interviewer has seen something in your CV that they like or need and want to learn more about you. This is your chance to shine but to often, candidates don’t do the CORRECT preparation.

Working with me, I can make sure you are prepared. I can’t guarantee you will get the job, but I can guarantee that you will feel confident and a lot less nervous than in previous times. Give me a call if you would like to learn more.