Why Coach With Me

First of all I am a fully qualified accredited Executive Life Coach with the Life and Business Association of Ireland (LBCAI). I also hold a distinction in FETAC.

When you are choosing the right coach for you, you should ensure that your coach is trained to a high standard and has recognised qualifications behind them. If you decide to work with me you know I have all the necessary qualifications behind me and am bound by the LBCAI code of conduct.

Equally important when deciding on your coach is to ensure that the ‘chemistry’ between you is right. There must be a natural connection between coach and client in order for great coaching to take place. The client needs to feel safe in the coaching environment and that they can talk openly and honestly without fear of being judged by their coach. The coaching relationship is based on trust and honesty.

As part of my coaching training I was asked to get family, friends and colleagues to complete a personal review as to why they would recommend me as a Life Coach. Here is a flavor of some of the comments I received:

“I think you have such a good way about instilling confidence in people to encourage them to make their own decisions that you would be the very person I would recommend. Everyone has the ability within themselves somewhere to make decisions but its actually getting it out there and saying it yourself that is the hard thing but I know you will be able to bring that out of people which is what it is all about and which is why I would have no hesitation in recommending you”.

“Most definitely, I would highly recommend Paula as a life coach. I feel she can get the best out of everyone and help them make a decision that they already know in their head but are afraid to say it out loud. She will make them at ease from the moment she meets them and they will want to go back to her for this reason”.

“It’s the way you would make people at ease, which will ultimately ensure that people get the most out of the sessions”.

“This is what you were born to do. Helping and guiding people to follow their dreams in life. You know life is short from past experiences and from your own experiences you can teach people not to be afraid of the unknown”.