What is Life Coaching?

People often ask me a mixture of these 3 questions when I tell them I am an Executive Life Coach –

  • What is Life Coaching?
  • Why would I go and see a Life Coach?
  • Can Life Coaching help me?

So lets deal with them in that order

What is Life Coaching?

first_stepsPut simply, Life Coaching is about helping people unlock their full potential and live the life they really want. In today’s busy world we are time poor and often feel life doesn’t offer us any other choice. At the start of one of my client’s coaching journey she likened herself to a hamster running around furiously on a wheel but getting nowhere fast! For her, she felt she had no control and was at the mercy of everyone else. Well-intentioned friends offered advice and rather than risk offending them she did as they said only to discover it was the wrong decision for her. During coaching she learnt that she was responsible and capable of deciding for herself and that she did have choices. By the end of our sessions, she felt she had regained the control that was missing for so long and her life was back on balance.

Coaching helps you to move forward in your life by helping you get crystal clear on what you really want. As Your coach I will help you discover what’s holding you back from achieving what you really want and encourage you to take the steps necessary to help you get there.

Coaching is all about helping you accomplish your goals, make new changes and live your dreams.

So why would I go and see a Life Coach?

Well clients can come to Life Coaching for lots of different reasons. Generally there is something in their life that just isn’t right – they might want a better job, improved relationships, increased finances, better health, a more balanced life style, improved self esteem and greater self confidence. This is only a small example of why people would use a Life Coach. I seem to work in particular with people who are stuck on the career ladder and don’t know where to turn next, are struggling with a big decision they need to make, clients who automatically see the glass half empty instead of half full, clients who want a better balanced life style and clients who find it hard saying no without that dreaded guilt!

Life Coaching is not like counseling or other forms of therapy. Coaching is about moving people forward in their lives. Coaches believe people are resourceful, creative and whole and have what it takes to find their own solutions. This is where the real power of coaching lies. Is coaching hard work – I won’t lie, it can be but it’s also fun and extremely worthwhile. Making any change in our lives can initially feel uncomfortable but exploring options in a safe coaching environment is so rewarding and worthwhile. As the old adage says “if you continue to do the same things – you will continue to get the same results!”

And finally can Life Coaching help me?

If you are reading this, odds are you want some aspect of your life to be better. Somewhere in your life you are probably catching your breath? If this sounds like you and very importantly, you are motivated to put in the work the answer is a resounding YES!

Life Coaching can help everyone. I have seen first hand the results my clients got as a result of coming for coaching.
If you don’t believe me, flick over to the testimonials tabs at the top of the page and see for yourself what my clients have said about their experience.

If you are still trying to decide whether you should hire a coach here are some questions that might help you find out:

  • Do you want a better life?
  • Are you really living the life you want?
  • Are you ready for a change?
  • You know you want to change but you don’t know what way to turn?
  • Do you have trouble setting goals?
  • Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven’t done it yet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you should really consider hiring a coach. Remember every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”