Spring is a great time to “deep clean” your House and your Head!!

Isn’t it great to hear the birds chirping in the mornings and see the evenings staying brighter for a little longer. The children are out playing when they come home from school and daffodils have begun to flower in my garden. I feel Spring is truly here which always makes me feel more energetic and know any day now the house is in for a really good Spring Clean.

This got me thinking today – why should I limit myself to just deep cleaning my house – surely my head is equally as important and deserves a good clear out? Great coaches have to ‘walk the talk’ not just ‘talk the talk’ so I got on the phone today and made an appointment to see my own Life Coach.

Being in this profession and seeing first hand how coaching can really transform someone’s life and obviously benefiting myself when I work with my own coach, I know it’s time for me to clear out my hard drive in my head. I continually work on my own self-development but know, if I don’t clear my head of my own self limiting beliefs there will be no room for all the new information I want to put in. It’s a bit like going on a shopping spree, buying lots of lovely new clothes, only to come home and realise that your wardrobe is so full of stuff you haven’t worn in years that you have no where to hang up all your new clothes! I can see you all nodding as you can see this picture in your own head…..


Well our heads are a bit like are wardrobes – they need a clear out every so often to allow us move on with all the new stuff we want to do. Regardless of how hard you work trying to program your head with new things, there just won’t be the room unless you clear the old stuff out first.

Today is the start of Lent – it’s only 6 weeks to Easter – imagine how good you would feel knowing that if you make a commitment today to do something for yourself, you could be well on the way to achieving your goals by starting that Spring Head Cleaning today!


Why not give me a call or send me a mail – you will be so glad you did:)