I’m Walking my Talk and so glad I am!!

It would be a little rich of me to pontificate about the benefits of using a Life Coach when I don’t use one myself wouldn’t it? Well I am glad to say that yesterday I put that right:) After my session, I felt so much better and thought to myself “why did you leave it so long Paula?” The honest answer – I guess I knew that if I wanted to see results in my life, I was going to have to put in the hard work or else I would be wasting my money and my very precious time. You see I am human like you. Sometimes, even the thought of change and doing something totally outside my own comfort zone scares me half to death.  I allow the saboteur in my head talk me out of something that I know deep down, I am well capable of achieving.

So how did my coach help me? Well firstly, she got me to talk about my current reality. This is so important as I have a tendency to let my mind take over. She kept bringing me back to the reality of the situation I was talking about and looked for the evidence as to why I thought I couldn’t do something. Each time she did, guess what, there was no evidence! It was all just ‘stuff’ going on in my head. Once I had cleared the negative thinking, I was able to concentrate on what I could do and draw on examples of where I had successfully achieved things like this before.  Our minds can play nasty tricks on us – I had forgotten all the great things I had achieved in the past. So what does this clearer thinking give me now – Courage to Embrace the Changes I want to see in my life and Confidence to know that I am Capable of making them Happen. Eureka!!

I had also asked my coach prior to the session, to push me hard. She certainly did but in a very supportive way. You see, I know that I need someone to really challenge me and tell me honestly and straight up, no frills attached, the way they see it. For me, getting this feedback from my coach is much easier than hearing it from a loved one. Regardless of the feedback she gives me, I know there is no judgment attached. This is what really creates the safe environment for me to open up and say things that I would never have the courage to say to someone else.

The other thing that really works for me and from what my clients say, I know works for them, is the power of being held accountable! Research has proven that when we write down our goals we are much more likely to achieve them but take that a step further, and ask someone to hold you to account – watch as the magic happens and you are propelled into action!  I will let you in on a little secret. I agreed with my coach, that I would use Thursday mornings going forward to write my blogs – being really honest, I am sure I wouldn’t be sitting down writing this now, if I wasn’t being held accountable. Result already and not even 24 hours has passed….

Yesterday was the first step for me along on a new path I want to go.

Yesterday I silenced the aliens running around in my head.

Yesterday some of the fog lifted and I have a renewed sense of direction.

Yesterday I gave myself a chance.

Yesterday I made a decision that I was worth it.